Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Spring Antique Show

****** REPOSTED FROM September 13, 2014 ******

I’ve always considered the Round Top/Warrenton Antique Show as my “soul vacation”.  I first heard this term used by the Junk Gypsies and for many years when I worked full-time this was my only vacation.  While it may have been a working vacation, I really didn’t mind the fact that I worked harder at this job than I did my full-time job.   

Now that I’ve retired, it still rings true.  I still work harder at this than any 9-5 job I could have.  

(one of my fav booth sets ups during a previous show at Zapp Hall)

I usually set out early carrying down one of many loads to get ready for the show.  Sometimes I feel like my truck looks like this:

I love the drive that I make to Warrenton.  Once I hit Highway 237 I know I’m almost home free.  It’s always such a beautiful drive there.  Once I see this sign I know I've made it:

Normally I’m making the drive from my home but this year, I’ll be coming in from a different direction, since I'll be at the Fredericksburg Trade Days the weekend before and then will head down on Sunday once the show ends.

Setting up in a cow pasture/field for two weeks is indescribable.  I have friends that have never been and they ask me to explain what it’s like to be there.  It’s hard to do this, you’ll actually have to come and experience it for yourself but I’ll try to give you a taste of what it’s like here.

This is a small idea of what you'll see in any direction.  (Pic: All things Beautiful)

You can find me and my wares at the Renck Hall field in the heart of Warrenton.  It’s located between Bar W and Zapp Hall shows.  Just look for this sign:

When you arrive, you will see treasures in every direction.    You might even see a boat:
The show covers miles and miles and this will cover many towns so be prepared to be in awe from all that you see and maybe an occasional traffic jam:

Take your time and enjoy all that catches your eye.   You might see a lot of legs:

 Get there early and be prepared to walk and then drive some.

Since I stay fairly close to where I'm selling, I usually wake up early, coffee is already brewing or bacon frying and people are stirring getting ready for the day.  Sometimes I'll get a quiet hello, or just a nod.  Something always catches my eye and then I'll notice dew is still on the treasures.   

There’s just a peacefulness and calmness here that can’t be reproduced in any part of the world.  You won’t find big box stores here, but if you are looking for one of a kind treasure, great stories to be told, peaceful mornings, a small piece of Heaven, hanging out with friends and laughing until your sides hurt, and just an indescribable experience then come to this small Texas town.  We’ll leave the light on for ya!!

Oh and don't forget your boots and prom dress because there is always a party to go to and especially the Prom held by the Junk Gypsies at Zapp Hall.

See you at Renck Hall field starting on March 23 and I'll be there until April 4!!  And yes there will be a Blog Party, but this year Tiffany with Flown The Coop in Burton Tx will host the party.  Please click on her Facebook page HERE for details.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

February Fredericksburg Trade Days

Just a reminder that the Fredericksburg Trade Days is this Friday to Sunday.  I've gathered a load of great things.  Here's a teaser of an awesome double-sided locker that will be there.  The good thing is I think it's already SOLD.  Hope to see you there.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Winter Antique Show

This past Friday and Saturday we were at the Winter Antique Show @ The Big Red Barn in Round Top Texas.  To say I was blown away not only by the crowds shopping there but by the sales would be an understatement.  I've never seen so much buying going on in one place.  Yes the crowds do come out to this show, but I think this is the biggest crowd that has been there in January that I've seen in a long time.  For the most part, I think the majority of us had a great show.  I know I was super pleased.  I had SOLD signs every where and you know that's a good thing.

I'm just so thankful that the three past shows I've had for the last three weeks have been great.  I am so grateful to keep doing what I love. 

Thanks to all the customers that came out in the cold and rain and the friends that stopped by too.  Our next show will be in February at Fredericksburg Trade Days.  Hope you mark your calendars for this.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Fredericksburg Trade Days & Winter Show @ Red Barn

This past weekend was the Fredericksburg Trade Days show.  I'm always so happy to be able to head back to the Hill Country.  It was a great show and nice start to the new year being back here.  Here's a picture of space there:

I happy to say sold several big items and will be bringing a new load for the February show.

Our next show for January will be this next FRIDAY and SATURDAY only at the Big Red Barn in Round Top Tx.  They no longer have a Sunday show. 

Hope you make plans to come out and shop.  There's about 20 other venues that will also be open this weekend.  It's like a mini Round Top/Warrenton Antique Show.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Rural Texas Antique Show

The first show of the year was at the Rural Texas Antique Show this past weekend in Brenham Tx.  While the weather was cold and rainy and not the best, die hard shoppers still came out and shopped.  So thankful for all that did stop in and find a treasure or two.  Here are pics of my booth at this show:


I still have two more shows this month.

This week I'll be in Fredericksburg Tx for the Fredericksburg Trade Days.  Come and shop here Friday to Sunday, Jan. 16-18.

Then the Winter Antique Show at the Big Red Barn in Round Top Texas is the following Friday and Saturday only.

Hope to see you at one of the shows.

Monday, January 05, 2015

January Antique Shows

January is going to start out as a busy month.  This weekend is the Rural Texas Antique Show in Brenham Tx at the fairgrounds.  Here's new items that will be at this show:

Click on this link for more info:  Rural Texas Antique Show

The next weekend, January 16-18 is the Fredericksburg Trade Days in Fredericksburg Tx.

January 23-24 is the Winter Antiques Show at the Big Red Barn in Round Top Tx.

Hope to see you at one of the shows.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Year's End~2014

Each year I like to look over my blog posts to see what you all have been interested in viewing most.  It was no surprise that the most hits were either about Fredericksburg Trade Days, the Junk Hippy Roadshow, Round Top/Warrenton Antique Show and Inspiration from Judy Hill's booth and home shows were the top blog posts viewed this past year.

Here's a breakdown of what was viewed most:

1.  The Fall Antique Show had the most views with 1374.  Here's the post:

2.  The second post that received the most views was the one done on Judy Hill's booth at Marburger Farm Antique Show, Inspiration from Judy:

3.  Third on the list was the countdown to the Round Top/Warrenton Antique Show,

4.  Number four post most viewed was the Junk Hippy Roadshow,

5.  The next post that came in at number 5, was my new space at Fredericksburg Trade Days with almost a thousand views:

6.  Fredericksburg's April Show came in next,

Of course this cute pink/white awning now permanently resides in a beautiful home in Fredericksburg Texas!

7.  Number seven most viewed went to this post, January Fredericksburg Trade Days:

My space inside Barn One only lasted one month.  I quickly realized I was much more comfortable being outside and that's where you can find my booth each month at Fredericksburg Trade Days.

8.  The July Show had almost as many views as the previous one:

9.  The Marburger Farm Antique Show Roll Call came in as number nine:

10.  Finally, the last one most viewed went to March Antique Events:

Thanks so much for still reading my blog.  While I don't seem to blog as much as I used to, I mainly post now on Facebook or Pinterest, I always enjoy seeing what posts have interested you the most.  

I have several new things planned for the new year for my shows and I hope you'll continue to follow me.  I will start out the year with my first show of 2015 being in Brenham Texas for the Rural Texas Antique Show and then I'll be back in Fredericksburg the next weekend for Trade Days.

Hope to see you in the New Year.  May you have a wonderful New Year and hopefully will see you down the junkin road.  

To see more antique shows where we'll be at, click on the side bar or tab that shows Texas Antique Shows.  There are other shows around Texas also listed on this link.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Judy Hill's Christmas Open House

Last Thursday I attended Judy Hill's annual Christmas Open House and I thought you'd enjoy seeing how beautiful her home was. 


She usually does several open houses a year.  For more info., check out her Facebook page, J Hill Designs, or her website at J Hill Designs.

On another note, we will not be at Fredericksburg Trade Days this month, but will start the new year with new shows.  Our first with be in Brenham Tx with Rural Texas Antique Shows and then we'll be back in Fredericksburg for Trade Days the very next weekend.  Check our show calendar on this blog for updates where we will be.

I wish you a very safe and happy Holiday Season.  Hope to see in down the junkin road in the new year!

Monday, November 24, 2014

So Much To Be Thankful For...

I know I don't seem to blog much these days, it's just so much easier to post on Facebook.  And to think I fought doing this forever!!

As I sit here and type I have so much to be thankful for as I'm sure you all do.  My family will hopefully be all together this week, eating and enjoying each others company.  It's so good to be able to sit and relax and just visit with loved ones, of course a piece of pecan pie or Paula Deen's Pumpkin Gooey cake doesn't hurt either, especially after a good turkey dinner.

What are you thankful for this year?  Maybe you aren't surrounded by family, but you have someone that loves you near you.  Or maybe not, but maybe you're just thankful to be alive and well.  Whatever it is that makes you most thankful for this year, I wish you many blessings this week and always, I truly do...

Monday, November 03, 2014

November Events

It's been a while since I've blogged, but I wanted to post where we are at this month.  Somehow it's ended up that I will have a show every weekend this entire month.  Here's our schedule:

The Rural Texas Antique Show is this weekend, November 8-9 in Bellville Texas.  It's been a while since I've done a show in this town so I'm excited about being back here.  Here's a picture of a previous booth we did with Rural Texas:

The show runs Saturday from 9-5 and Sunday from 10-4. The show is located at the Turnverin Hall at City Park, 988 East Main St. at FM 529 in Bellville.

The next weekend, November 14-16, we'll be back at Fredericksburg Trade Days in Fredericksburg Tx and then again on Thanksgiving weekend, November 28-30. Yes they have two shows this month only.  For more info., click HERE.

On November 22, I'll be setting up with several other vendors at Ann Perry's Open House at the Tin Rabbit in Melrose Texas (outside Nacogdoches Texas).  For more info. about her show, check out her Facebook page HERE.
Hope to see you at one of the shows.  

Monday, October 13, 2014

The Fall 2014 Show

The Texas Fall Antique Show came and went so fast that if I blinked I feel like I missed it.  The weather started out pleasant but quickly the humidity returned as did the fire ants.  However, since it was one of the best shows I've had tolerating both was worth it.

Being two weeks in a cow pasture is not for the weak.  You live in an RV, eat when you can, and somehow have the best time ever!  It truly is the best vacation, even though it's a working one, I've ever taken.  You see friends you only get to see twice a year.  People come in from all over the country, California, Arizona, Washington, Montana, New York, Georgia, Kentucky, just to name a few.

You see some of the best displays around.  No the things aren't just thrown on the ground, they are displayed in such a way you think why didn't I think of that.  You meet the best people that have become lifelong friends, friends share their life and what's been going on for the last six months.  They stop in not only to say hello but to give you a hug and a smile and sometimes to even ask you to pray for a fellow vendor that couldn't make the trip because of an illness or a situation that happened.  We are like family and you really cherish those moments.

It's also an annual treat to have a Blog Party in the cow pasture.  It was so great seeing those that turned out even though they'd worked hard all day, they still found time to come and enjoy each others company.  Hearing laughter reminds me why the party continues each season.  Here's the group that showed up this time:

I loved this pic of Tiffany and I

 I also had a contest to see who could make the best junk shirt/outfit from materials you had a the show.  This was Christie's idea and so glad she came up with it.  We were in competition with each other.  I'm wearing the Junk Shirt I made, that was fun.

There's always a party to attend at the shows.  Due to the traffic build up I wasn't able to attend the Leftover's Antique Show Party, but I heard it was a blast.  I did however attend the Country Living Party that was held at The Rendevouz at Gina's field.  Here we all are:

That was a lot of fun and her place was just decked out.

Finally, here are pics of my space at the show:

What a great time.  Can't wait for the Spring show.  I'm already planning for this show.

Just a reminder that the Fredericksburg Trade Days show is this coming Friday to Sunday.  Here's a small preview of what I'm taking.  Hope you're making plans to be there:

Thank you so much for following: